IAS – Instalment Activity Statement

IAS – Instalment Activity Statement

IAS – Instalment Activity Statement

One of the most important things we do at Books Alive Bookkeeping is taking care of our client’s IAS. It is is an essential element of any business, although it can be complex and stressful for those who don’t have the time or energy to keep track of their financial data.

What Is an IAS?

An IAS, or an Instalment Activity Statement, is a taxpayer form that must be filled out by those who aren’t registered for the GST. This form is also required by those who are medium withholders who must remit their pay as you go (PAYG) withholding tax when they file their BAS.

For many business owners, filling out their quarterly IAS form can be an irritating and confusing experience. They become overwhelmed, unable to focus on their personal lives or the other aspects of their business they’d rather bring their attention to. Given that the IAS has to be completed four times a year, this can become very problematic, especially if you want your forms to be accurate and compliant.

We'll Take Care of Everything

With Books Alive Bookkeeping on your side, you’ll never have to spend time worrying about the IAS form ever again. We take care of gathering the essential data, logging it, and submitting it for each quarter. This service is ideal for business owners who simply don’t have time to be worried about organising financial data or keeping track of new deadlines every quarter. This allows you the time you need to enjoy your time off and to focus on long-term goals for your business.

At Books Alive Bookkeeping, we take care of all this work competently and efficiently. So whether you’d like frequent updates on the forms we’re filling out or you’d rather block it all out, we adapt to suit your needs.


Worried about the upcoming IAS deadline? Have any questions about the process or the IAS itself? We’d be happy to help you through any of your concerns. Simply reach out to with any questions on 0418 110 786. We can even set up a free initial consultation if you decide you’d like to have us on your team long-term.