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How important is it branding when it comes to your small business?

Branding is who you are.  It is what your clients will remember you by.

For example:    

Books Alive Bookkeeping branding is purple and aqua and my logo is my dog Bobbie. My hair is purple and so it is in line with my branding.

These things are important to my brand, as they make me stand out in an overcrowded business vertical.

If someone asks another business:

“I heard of a bookkeeper that has purple hair, do you know her?  Many will reply, yes that’s Kathy-Maree from Books Alive Bookkeeping!”

Your branding is how you are viewed by the world. You need a good logo, social media presence that carries your branding, signage, uniforms and also a great website from a reputable local website company.

You’ll also need to find a reputable graphic designer that buys into your vision and can take it to the next level.

And finally, always be on your game and always talk up “your brand”. Because that’s how the world knows you.