ASIC Compliance Central Coast

ASIC Compliance Central Coast

ASIC Compliance Central Coast

The ASIC, or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, has an important role in protecting Australian consumers. As an independent body of the Australian government, they enforce certain regulations for businesses across the country. It’s extremely important for your business to comply with the obligations set by the ASIC.
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No More Avoidable Mistakes

Unfamiliar with the ASIC and their guidelines? Our team here at Books Alive Bookkeeping makes ASIC compliance simple and straightforward. It’s not uncommon for businesses, especially newer ones, to accidentally fail to meet their ASIC obligations. We’ll help you avoid this dilemma as our experience has given us an in-depth knowledge of ASIC guidelines, as well as all the important deadlines concerning your taxes.

Though the ASIC themselves provide educative programs about your obligations as an Australian business, hiring a bookkeeper is a much more convenient way of ensuring your compliance. We see to it that you’re always meeting your obligations and are happy to provide you with any information concerning the ASIC and how they operate. There are several benefits to working with a bookkeeper over relying on the ASIC’s educative programs:

Why It Matters

Given that it’s the role of the ASIC to protect Australian consumers, as well as investors and creditors, it’s critical for businesses to voluntarily comply with their guidelines. Not only they encourage voluntary compliance at every level, but they also have enforcement strategies to ensure that businesses are meeting their obligations. If you fail to comply with the ASIC, they will ensure that there are legitimate consequences, including warning letters, deregistration, or even potential criminal action against you and your business.

Thankfully, all of this trouble can be avoided by having Books Alive Bookkeeping on your side. We’ll ensure that you’re always compliant with the ASIC and knowledgeable about their requirements.


Have any questions about the ASIC and whether or not you’re fulfilling your obligations as an Australian business? Wondering how Books Alive Bookkeeping can benefit both you and your business? Reach out to us on 0418 110 786 for a free consultation today. We hope to hear from you soon.