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7 Reasons Why Cloud Accounting Software is better than Excel

Extract from Efficient Business Services

7 Reasons Why Cloud Accounting Software is better than Excel

If you’re technically challenged, chances are that you use Excel to help you keep track of your the money coming into your business and the money leaving it. After all, when used properly, Excel definitely is a pretty sophisticated tool, once your wrap your head around the formulas to get the spreadsheet doing what you want it to do.

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Working From Home

Extract from ATO Website about Tax Basics for Small Business

Working from home

There are generally three ways to work from home. Although there are common deductions available in all three circumstances, the availability of some deductions will depend on the way you work from home.

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Why Engage a Professional Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper we are a money saving asset to your business.  Our rates are usually less than yours and we can do the work in a quicker and more timely matter.  We know our jobs and how to save you from any unnecessary expenses, we can keep you up to date on new issues in regards to your profession and tax.

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