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Get someone who knows what your business is like and how important it is to keep things level between business and home life.

Books Alive Bookkeeping is bringing your Books Alive with Xero Online Accounting.  We are a Certified Xero Practice Partner.

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Do Beautiful Accounting with Xero

It is affordable, safe and in real time.

You can see what your business is doing anywhere and anytime.  You have as much control over your books as you want, you see what you are able to do there and then and if you are on a site you can give your clients a quote or invoice on the spot, no down time, no forgetting what needs to be charged out.

Simple, Easy and Affordable.

So don’t let the sun come down on your business.
A bookkeeper is a wise investment.

We know you’re busy but please take the time to have a look at what services we can offer you.

The Benefits to you,

  • Automated daily bank feeds
  • Fast, simple and customised invoicing
  • Available anytime, anywhere you’re online
  • Real-time collaboration with Books Alive Bookkeeping
  • Safe and Secure
  • Smart reports with links to source transactions
  • Dashboard gives a clear financial overview
  • Awesome support at no additional cost
  • No installation or IT maintenance required
  • Pay as you go and no up-front fees
  • The system is upgraded on regular basis so you don’t need to worry whether your software is compliant

Small business packages for home businesses and sole traders and tradespeople.  All at the touch of the keyboard.

We aim to help you keep your business running smoothly while you do the most important part, show your customers what you can do best!

Ask yourself,

  1. What are your looking for in a bookkeeper?
  2. What are your expectations?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Does your bookkeeper have all the right requirements now needed?

Books Alive Bookkeeping Services will help you create a system that is right for you.   We service the whole of the Central Coast.

Oh No, another letter of demand leaves you thinking, I though I paid that bill…..

The bank manager is asking for your books…..

The tax man is ringing asking for your statements…..

Are my insurances up to date…..
I’ve run out of stationery, when will I find the time to go and see the printer…..
If your family haven’t seen you for days and the books need doing…..
There is no need to hire an employee, Books Alive Bookkeeping helps saves overheads that need regular attention, PAYG, Superannuation, Insurances, payroll and all that goes with it, paying of bills, reporting, stationery and advertising needs.

Call us today – your initial consultation is free!

0418 110 786


Member of:
  • Xero Accounting Software Certified Practice
  • Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre
  • Central Coast Bookkeepers Support Network
  • Australian Bookkeepers Network
  • Ettalong Business Group
  • Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
  • Linked In
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

When your day is over you just want to enjoy your family and relax, the last thing on your mind is bookkeeping!

Are weekends your time to catch up with family and friends, but, no, the books need to be done?

Are your receipts in your wallet, glovebox, esky, or on the kitchen table?

Or you have your own unique system, can’t remember where you put them?

Are your books ready for tax time or even that all important bank manager?

Is it anniversary time, birthday or that special day and you have a nagging feeling something needs to be done?

Books Alive Bookkeeping can help with the troubles of bookkeeping, record keeping, getting reports ready for the tax man and the bank manager.

Just go to the Contact Enquiry Form and I will contact you if not just ring the mobile and I will come and speak to you, first hour consultation is free.

Afterhours are no problems, when you need the help I will be there.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Xero Online Accounting system
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Reconciliation- bank, credit cards, statements
  • Payroll
  • Superannuation preparation (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Tax Preparation (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Budget Forecasts
  • Wage Preparation
  • Filing of business documents
  • Office Administration
  • Creating and purchasing stationery e.g. cards, flyers, brochures, letterheads, etc.
  • MYOB

Any service that a business needs can be discussed with Kathy-maree.

Dates for you to remember:

1st Quarter (July to September)
BAS/IAS due – 28 July
2nd Quarter (October to December)
BAS/IAS due – 28 October
3rd Quarter (January to March)
BAS/IAS due – 28 February
4th Quarter (April to June)
BAS/IAS due – 28 April

Group Certificates due 14 July

Using Books Alive Bookkeeping to take care of my bookkeeping means trouble free and stress free. previously, I haven’t had good bookkeeping and it was a constant worry. Now I just worry about the work and Kathy does the bookkeeping. That’s a valuable partnership which I would highly recommend.

Matt – OnePM Pty Ltd


Kathy-maree from Books Alive Bookkeeping has been working with my business since May 2013.  As a new business owner I required the services of Kathy-maree through recommendation of my accountant.

Kathy-maree has helped me organise the business, sort out the confusion of owning a new business and set up systems with MJM Smash Repairs, including the introduction of Xero Accounting Software.

Due to the processes put in place by Kathy-maree I am able to work in my business and on my business with ease and we are now moving forward.

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Kathy-maree and I have been a Team now for 18 months.  I tried to work on my books and my business and had met Kathy-maree a few years prior.  I wanted to work in my business more so I contacted Kathy-maree to help me sort out my bookkeeping.  In that time we have built a strong relationship and my trust to leave my business with her when I have a holiday proves this.  My business is now growing and with the help of Kathy-maree and Books Alive Bookkeeping I am on Xero Accounting and have great systems in place.  Thank you.

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My business is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I have been working in Administration and Accounting for over 35 years.

I have worked in many industries and worked on many systems.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Accuracy. Integrity. Personal Service.

These are the principles we’ve built our business on.

If you’re in need of bookkeeping or general administration services, please give me a call. It would be my pleasure to apply my experience to your specific situation. At Books Alive Bookkeeping, we specialise in bookkeeping and administration services for start-ups, small businesses, sole proprietors and individuals.

With technology changing at an ever fast pace we are now moving into the future with internet accounting systems. Xero is a New Zealand based company expanding into Australia and Britain.   MYOB and other internet based systems. You will see real time figures and not have to wait for your statement to arrive. You know where you stand there and then.

Whether you need services within your business or from outside Books Alive will deliver a professional and easy accounting service for you.

Anything an office needs to help you grow and expand.

Local Company for local people.

Take the stress out of keeping your books together. Reasonable rates that won’t break the bank.

Pricing Structure:

Hourly Rate $60 per hour plus GST.

Package prices available to suite your business needs.

  • Tradies – $290.00 per month plus GST (includes Xero monthly fee)
  • Business – $490.00 per month plus GST (includes Xero monthly fee)
  • Premium – $690.00 per month plus GST (includes Xero monthly fee)

Contact me for the information sheet and we will happily email this to you.



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Why Engage a Professional Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper we are a money saving asset to your business.  Our rates are usually less than yours and we can do the work in a quicker and more timely matter.  We know our jobs and how to save you from any unnecessary expenses, we can keep you up to date on new issues in regards to your profession and tax.

We allow you to make money by hiring a professional bookkeeper.

“Knowledge is power” even when it comes to the small details.  “If you don’t have a bookkeeper, you’re probably not being as strategic as you could be in how you spend your money”.

Entrepreneurs keep a lot of the financial details of their business in their heads.  Doing so has its advantages:  No new software to learn, no danger of a system crash that loses all y our data, and you can tweak your budget as often as you need without sitting down at a desk.

But when you don’t have a system and some processes in place, unpleasant surprises can pop up, goals can be easily missed and important paperwork forgotten.  Getting a better handle on your money can help you to make and keep long-term goals, smooth out the seasonal ups and downs of your cash flow and maybe improve your profits.  It can also help you to stay out of trouble with the Australian Taxation Office.

BAS date due is far too late to make changes that may improve your tax situation.  But now? The timing is perfect.

“The main reason to think about GST and tax now rather than at the tax deadline is doing so now allows for planning and strategies that can reduce taxes when the deadline does arrive.”

Some small business owners view bookkeeping as a burdensome task that takes them away from running their business.  It makes others nervous and they may second-guess their knowledge and skills in fear of the ATO knocking on their door.

You don’t have to be intimidated or bored by accounting.  Successful business owners don’t view bookkeeping negatively.  They have adopted a few basic procedures to stay on top of the paperwork.  By doing so, they save time, money and a lot of stress.

1.  Use account software such as MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks…..

2.  Scan your receipts, business cards and other important paperwork

3.  Separate personal accounts from business accounts.

4.  Avoid cash

5.  Go paperless

6.  Meet with your CPA at least twice annually

7.  Hire a Professional bookkeeper.

To maintain sufficient books and records they must be pursuant to Seciton 286 of the Corps Act.

Is it ok to change your Bookkeeper

Sometimes your needs outgrow your current situation.  You may feel obliged to stay with your present bookkeeper as you have been with them for a long time.

They say change is as good as a holiday.

Maybe your outlook has changed and you want to grow.

So Yes it is OK to change.

Is your Bookkeeper Qualified

Always check their credentials.  See or ask to see their Certificates and insurance papers.

Ask for a reference, client or accountant.

Does your bookkeeper know your field

Always ask specified questions about your field to the bookkeeper.  Ask what field they are stronger in.  E.g. trades, retail, cafes, construction, mining etc.

For Fast responsive service on your enquiries please fill out the form below or contact us by phone.

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